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Window Screens can be made with several types of screen material. Different color choices are available depending on the type of window or door screens. For insect protection, we offer standard fiberglass window screens, aluminum window screens and poliester window screens.

Their primary purpose is to prevent bugs, birds, other animals, and air-borne debris from entering your home, However some also protect against harmful rays, unwanted light, and even inclement weather. while permitting fresh air flow.

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Most houses and buildings in New York City have aluminum window screens frame with stadand fiberglass mesh on all exterior windows.


  • Tired of your ripped old screens? 

  • Are bugs getting through the holes in your screens?

  • Think screen door repair is costly and time-consuming?

  • Old window screens spoiling the look of your freshly-painted house?


No matter what your screening needs, we have the solution! Whether you need new window screens or screen doors, or simply need your existing ones re-screened, we’ve got you covered!


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