Window Terms Glossary

Lancet Window:  Tall, narrow window with a pointed-arch top, characteristic of Gothic architecture, and often with leaded diamond shaped lights.

Latch: device on the interior face of the sash that retains the window sash in place,  it also alow the sash tilt in for easy clening.

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Laminated glass: two or more lites of glass and one or more bonding interlayer. The lites and the bonding layer are fused together, considered a safety glass.

Light or lite: Glazing framed by muntins and/or sash in a window or door.

Light shaft: An insulated shaft built to direct the light from a roof window or skylight through the attic to the room below.

Lift rail: A handle or grip installed on the bottom of the lower sash rail of a double-hung window to make it easier to raise or lower the sash.

Low-E Glass: Glass that has a coating with low emissivity that restricts the passage of radiant heat and UV light for better energy efficiency and protection from fading.