Window Terms Glossary

Gas fill. A gas other than air, usually argon or krypton, placed between insulated panes. This is done to decrease the unit's thermal conductivity (U-value) and increase the unit's sound insulating value.

Gasket: material used to watertight seal between sashes and frame.

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Glazing: The process of sealing the glass to the sash.

Glazing Block: A small hard rubber block placed around the edges of the glass unit in a window sash to position the glass and prevent it from shifting.

Glazing bead. A molding or stop around the inside of a window frame to hold the glass in place.

Glazing stop: The part of the sash or door panel which holds the glass in place.

Grids:Decorative horizontal or vertical bars installed between the glass panes to create an attractive way to add distinction to any window.

Greenhouse window: else called garden window A three-dimensional window that project outward from the existing structure to create a shelf or set  of shelves usually has glazing on all sides except the bottom.