Window Terms Glossary

Bay windowBay Window is a multi panel window projecting outward from the wall, usually made up of a large center stationary unit and two flanking units and can be assembled almost in any combination.

Balance SystemIs the mechanism trough the use of spring, weight to counterbalance the weight of a sash.

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Beveled Exterior: An angled extension from the frame that adds an aesthetically-pleasing dimension to the exterior of the window.

Block frame window: It is a non-finned frame that can be used as new or retrofit installation, in a block concrete wall application or when replacing the wood sash of an old double hung wood window.

Bow Window: is a combination of four or more windows that form a round shape, what we call radius. This window is similar to the bay window projecting outward from the wall line.

Brickmold: A type of external molding used in doors or windows casing.

Bottom Rail: The bottom horizontal member of a window or door.

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Butyl: Polyisobutylene is a hot melt sealant used to seals the glass spacer creating an airtight and watertight Insulated unit.